Stroke Certified Registered Nurse (SCRN) Self-Assessment Examination

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This newest AANN product is used to assess whether or not a candidate is prepared for the SCRN examination. Consider the self-assessment exam a pre-test to better understand your current knowledge as it applies to certification and determine where additional studies are needed. Once you have purchased the exam., it is available for 30 days from the first time you access it.

After taking the exam, you get access to two score reports*:
-Individual Feedback Report: A copy of the full exam with the response you selected and the correct response indicated
-Individual Score by Content Area Report: The percent of questions answered correctly in each major area
*Score reports can only be viewed online.

AANN Members: to receive discounted member rate for this exam, members must visit and log-in to the Members Only section of the website.

Nonmembers: Purchase this exam here.

Please note: your performance on the practice examination will not quarantee results on the actual SCRN examination. The practice examination is not required to sit for the certification examination.

Product Details:

The self-assessment exam is setup to:
•  Show the correct answer once the reviewer selects an answer and clicks the “Grade” button.
•  You will receive two score reports that will show on screen.  The Individual Feedback Report will show the entire practice exam with the ...

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Wendy Gibson, SCRN Jun 8, 2015 Report Abuse
This was very helpful - it gave me an idea of what the questions would be like on the actual exam, and also helped me to focus on areas that I needed to study more. Worth the purchase!
Robin Lynn Rein, RN,SCRN Mar 3, 2015 Report Abuse
It was very good, I would have preferred if your could take it. Get the results and then have it scramble the questions and allow you to take it over and over. I have taken practice test like that the questions scramble as well as the answers. So that you don't get familiar with the question and just look for the answer in the same place. Paying 65.00 was a little high I thought for just a 1 time shot.
Shamma Legrand, SCRN Mar 3, 2015 Report Abuse
The SCRN Self-Assessment Exam was extremely helpful. It helped me strategized my review better because I learned how the questions would be presented and I studied in a manner to understand and apply the knowledge instead of trying to memorize everything.
Chen-Chen Lee, CNRN,RN,SCRN Feb 27, 2015 Report Abuse
It's very helpful to know where my knowledge gaps are.
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