Spinal Cord Anatomy (DVD)

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The Spinal Cord Anatomy DVD from Adventures in Neuroscience, covers the anatomy of the spine and spinal cord. Cadaver specimens are used to demonstrate structures in the spinal cord and the discussion centers on normal and abnormal findings. Detailed explanations of potential injuries, spinal cord syndromes and patient assessment completes the lesson which runs for just under two hours.

Presented by: Linda Littlejohns, RN MSN CCRN CNRN, international speaker, author, and co-editor of the Core Curriculum for Neuroscience Nursing, Sixth Edition.

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A sound knowledge of spine and spinal cord anatomy is the foundation for the bedside professional who cares for neuro patients with spine disease. This DVD offers a comprehensive review of the normal structures and pathways of the spine, spinal cord and supporting coverings. Potential pathologies an...
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