Stroke Certified Registered Nurse (SCRN) Self-Assessment Examination

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Newly revised, the AANN SCRN Self-Assessment Exam is used to assess whether or not a candidate is prepared for the Stroke Certified Registered Nurse (SCRN) examination. This self-assessment was updated to reflect the new SCRN content outline based off of the most recent job analysis study completed in 2018. Use the SCRN self-assessment exam as a pre-test to better understand your current knowledge as it applies to the certification and determine where additional studies are needed. The self-assessment examination is 75 questions in length and parallels the actual SCRN examination content outline.

Please note: The self-assessment examination is not intended to replace studying for the credentialing of the examination. Your performance on the self-assessment examination will not guarantee results on the actual SCRN examination. The self-assessment examination is 75 questions in length, whereas the actual SCRN examination includes 170 questions, 20 of which are pretest items that are not scored. The self-assessment examination is not required to sit for the SCRN certification examination.

Expiration: The self-assessment examination is only available for 1 year from the date launched on the Learning Managment System (LMS).

Note: Purchase of the self-assessment examination is intended for single person use by the person who purchased the self-assessment examination. ONCE THE SELF-ASSESSMENT EXAMINATION IS PURCHASED, NO REFUNDS WILL BE ISSUED.

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The self-assessment exam includes instant grading. When an answer is submitted, the subject area for the correct answer will display. Once the assessment is submitted as complete, the summary page and your final score is shown. You will have the ability to view the analysis tab, your score for each ...

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AANN Jul 17, 2019 Report Abuse
Thank you all for sharing your feedback. AANN has resolved this issue by adjusting the number of test attempts, allowing users who have not passed the assessment to re-take the exam for additional scoring. The SCRN assessment has also been revised to reflect the updated exam content outline based off the most recent job analysis study, completed in 2018. Again, thank you for your review, we'll continue to use customer feedback to help us improve our online educational products.
Kimberly Tenderholt, SCRN Mar 21, 2019 Report Abuse
I purchased this product and took it one time. It then went away and I was unable to take it again.
Melissa Ratzlaff, SCRN Feb 27, 2019 Report Abuse
Don't waste your money. Only allows you to take the test once. Basically yo are paying $90 for 75 questions. Buy a review book full of questions instead.
Alexis M Bockting, BSN, SCRN Jul 8, 2018 Report Abuse
This exam only let me take it once. Not worth the money. It did not give me enough feedback about what the questions were asking, especially if I got the question correct. Seriously not worth the money. I only bought it because there is so little information about the exam and how to study, what the questions are like.
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