AANN Comprehensive Review for Stroke Nursing (Print and E-book bundle)

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The AANN Comprehensive Review for Stroke Nursing e-book is a comprehensive resource for nurses preparing for the Stroke Certified Registered Nurse (SCRN) exam and those looking for a review of current best practices for providing stroke care. This evidence-based book covers key topics listed on the SCRN exam blueprint, including anatomy and physiology, preventive care, hyperacute care, stroke diagnostics, acute care, medications, postacute care, and systems and quality care.

Using the online Learning Management System (LMS) on your mobile device, you can quickly download this e-book and carry it with you for point-of-care reference. The PDF is fully searchable, with several linked references, bookmark feature, table of contents and click-and-zoom tables and figures.

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- Foreword

- Acknowledgments

- Contributors

- Reviewers

Chapter 1: Anatomy and Physiology

Sarah Livesay, DNP RN ACNP CNS-A

- Stroke Pathophysiology

- Basic Vascular Anatomy

- Basic Brain Anatomy

- Stroke Syndromes

- Stroke Mimics

- Physiology of Neuroplasticity and Stroke Recovery

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