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AANN Core Curriculum for Neuroscience Nursing, 7th Edition

AANN Core Curriculum for Neuroscience Nursing, 7th Edition

The AANN Core Curriculum for Neuroscience Nursing, 7th edition, is the most comprehensive summary of neuroscience nursing evidence and is a great resource for nurses preparing for the Certified Neuroscience Registered Nurse (CNRN) or Stroke Certified Registered Nurse (SCRN) exams.

Updated content includes a synthesis of the latest research to guide all aspects of neuroscience nursing practice. This is the best and broadest reference for neuroscience nurses and is a vital tool for studying for the CNRN certification exam. The content in the 7th edition is organized in an easy-to-read format and includes new figures and images and a list of relevant tools and resources at the end of each chapter.

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Published 2022

"I keep a copy of the AANN Core Curriculum for Neuroscience Nursing at my desk and available for all the nurses on the neuroscience unit.  We often jointly reference it when a question comes up. In addition, it helps me develop teaching outlines for new neuroscience nurses and is the basis for many guidelines and policies.  The Core Curriculum is comprehensive with pictures and graphics that are engaging and enhance learning. It is organized in a streamlined fashion that logically flows from one subject to the next which emphasizes the relationships between topics.  The AANN Core Curriculum for Neuroscience Nursing is my go-to reference!"
- Jennifer Coffman, DNP APRN CPNP-AC CNRN
Chair, Special Focus Groups, AANN

"The AANN Core Curriculum is absolutely the best resource book for neuroscience nurses, from novice to expert, in their careers. I used it throughout my career beginning as a bedside nurse on a neurosurgical unit until I retired from my last position as Director of Neuroscience Service Line. The Core Curriculum is written in an easy to understand fashion with the latest updated information and a logical flow. It is a must read primer for anyone ready to embark or grow in their specialty of neurosciences. It is simply the best neuroscience resource book out there! Read it and learn from the best!"
- Barbara Mancini, RN, BSN, MBA
AANN President 2010-2011

"The AANN Core Curriculum for Neuroscience Nursing is my go-to resource! I use it firstly as a reference to enhance my own practice and secondly to develop curriculum and deliver content for neuroscience nurses. The content is extremely organized and nicely supplemented with easy-to-understand figures and illustrations. The well-thought-out structure makes it easy to find information quickly and is outlined to help nurses studying for certifications filter specific information. When people ask a question, my first stop and often my last, is this resource!"
- Julie Pagel, DNP, RN, CCRN, SCRN, CNE-cl
AANN Director-at-Large

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